The Capital City Group is well renowned for providing quality renting services for cranes. It has spread its wings over several regions in the mid-Atlantic and Midwest. The company serves various states, including Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The firm has over 25 years of experience since its inception in the mid1990s.

The company’s corporate offices are in Ohio. However, prospective clients living in Detroit, Michigan, can find the company’s offices at 20200 Woodruff Road, Rockwood, Michigan 48173. The office hours are between 7.00 AM to 5.00 PM.

Why call the capital city group?
The company operates and rents over 120 different cranes. Besides, most of the offices work on a 24-hour basis. A client looking for crane services will find the right fit. Capital City Group operates cranes that range from the 4 tons to the 825-ton capacity. Some of these crane varieties include mini crawler cranes, boom trucks, industrial cranes, rough terrain, tower cranes, the telescopic crawler, among others.

The company has a team of well-trained handlers, whose main task is to ensure quality service delivery to all clients. These include drivers, crane operators, and other additional services. The institution also provides specified services to clients, such include, contract rigging, substantial hauling services, machinery moving, among others.

The firm has a reputation as one of the largest and most dependable crane operators in the United States. Other than its status as an established leader in the sector, the Capital City Group offers transport services to various site locations all over the country. Over the past few years, the company has attracted the attention of recognized government institutions, including the US army corps. In the year 2019, the US military requested barge services that included cranes from Capital City Group. It ranks as the 32nd largest crane rental company in the entire country.

Apart from big project construction jobs, the company can also provide mini-cranes that will satisfy the needs of a small based construction project. The employees depict the highest level of proficiency to deliver the job at the expected standards set by the organization. That is why most of the projects the company undertakes are among the most reputable projects in the united states.
The cranes set for massive projects include self-erecting tower cranes, telescopic crawler, rough terrain cranes, hydraulic truck cranes, boom trucks, among others. Well, other than construction projects, the cranes are for rental for any kind of job according to clients’ satisfaction.

Additional services offered by the institution include expert riggers, professional signal persons, construction hoist rentals, storage, new and used equipment sales, among other multiple crane lift plans and implementations. These services require detailed consultation with the company for them to give the best deals that suit the customer’s needs.

The Capital City Group is an excellent service provider when it comes to offering crane – based services for rental, among other contract-based services. They are ideal for clients who what the best crane expert services, among other services that come in hand with this one.