• Manitowoc MLC300 VPCMAX Picking 330,000# Cutter Head
Rigging Equipment

(Bundle Extractor, Electronic Remote Skidding System, Gantry, Jack & Slide, Rigger Forklift, Rigging, SPMT)

Capital City Group – Provides rigging equipment rental throughout the Midwest. Bundle Pullers, Electronic Remote Skidding Systems, Gantries, Jack & Slide, Modular Spreader Bars, Rigger Forklifts, and Self-Propelled Modular Trailers (SPMT).


Specializing in the erection, installation, dismantling, modification, repair and relocation of industrial equipment, plants and manufacturing machinery, we assist you in every step to implement a turnkey solution. Capital City Group can develop innovative solutions to the most demanding challenges.