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Manitowoc MLC300 VPCMAX Picking 330,000# Cutter Head

I-75 Modernization Project Receives TBM – 330,000# Cutter Head Set

Capital City Group completed several lifts over 300,000 pounds with a Manitowoc MLC300 VPCMAX and riggers in Detroit, Michigan part of the $1.4 billion I-75 Modernization Project. The TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) head weighed 330,000# pounds and was lowered 88′ underground and where it was assembled with the rest of the components. The Manitowoc MLC300 VPCMAX was the second MLC300 purchased by Capital City. It was required to pick the head at a radius of 70′ with a capacity of 418,600#.

Segment 3 of the I-75 Modernization Project requires the design and reconstruction of 1.5 miles of rural freeway and 4 miles of urban depressed freeway including service drives, ramps and bridges over 4 years. A key aspect of the design requires the construction of a new 14 ft. diameter, 4-mile-long storage and drainage tunnel and pump station.

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