Engineered Lift Plans & Rigging Solutions | Capital City Group


(Engineered Lift Plans, Customized Rigging Solutions, Route & Transport Studies)

We have the experience and knowledge to meet your project needs!

Capital City Group provides engineering services for your project needs. Our project engineer uses the latest technology and engineering resources, such as AutoCAD, SALSA+, and SolidWorks.


Specializing in the erection, installation, dismantling, modification, repair and relocation of industrial equipment, plants and manufacturing machinery, we assist you in every step to implement a turnkey solution. Capital City Group can develop innovative solutions to the most demanding challenges. Would you like to get a quote today?


We not only reduce our customers’ planning and work, we cut costs and streamline your projects. These types of projects often present the impossible. With our vast inventory of specialized equipment and our skilled workforce, we ensure the project is completed accurately, efficiently and safely so the customer can return to work confidently.


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Services Include:

  • Engineered lift plans

  • Custom fabrication services

  • Customized rigging solutions

  • Route and transport studies

  • Solution development

  • Project analysis and preplanning