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Cold War Reactor Lid Removed - Manitowoc 18000

Cold War Test Reactor Lid Removed – Manitowoc 18000

Capital City Group provided crane rental services to the Savannah River Site (SRS). They provided a Manitowoc 18000 (660 ton) with a 200-foot boom was used to lift the 174,000-pound dome by the lugs before setting the structure on the ground nearby. The dome removal is the first and most visible stage of the reactor’s decommissioning. This will allow access for the removal and disposal of the remaining reactor vessel, weighing 219,100 pounds, and two steam generators, each weighing 41,600 pounds. Remaining equipment will be moved to the cavity vacated by the reactor vessel, the below-grade portion of HWCTR will be filled with grout and the 29-foot-high base from which the dome was cut will be removed.

The landscape of the Savannah River Site (SRS) is a little flatter and a little less colorful with the removal today of the 75-foot-tall rusty-orange dome from the Cold War-era test reactor. This $25-million reactor decommissioning and deactivation project is funded By the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Affectionately known by SRS employees as “Hector,” the iconic Heavy Water Components Test Reactor (HWCTR) has stood in the Site’s B Area since 1959 as a testament to the nation’s nuclear age and evidence of SRS’ valuable contribution to it.

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