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1 March, 2017

Capital City Group recently completed a project transporting, rigging, and setting 8 bullet tanks weighing over 254,000 pounds each. Traveling through 5 states and over 1,400 miles per trip. The entire project was completed in under 4 months.

1 June, 2017

Capital City Group was recently ranked 41st in the United States in the American Cranes & Transport Magazine. The rankings were derived by overall capacity of each rental house.

Capital City Group in ACT Magazine

15 February, 2017

Heavy Haul Fleet Is Growing - Capital City Group has added a 9-axle hydraulically steerable 130 ton trailer to our fleet. This is the first trailer of its kind from Faymonville Trailers.

7 September, 2010

OSHA Crane Standard Updated - Capital City Group adds additional services for customers to help comply with the crane standards (OSHA 1926.1400) that went in effect November 8, 2010. Click here to find out more.

Rigging Equipment

Capital City Group not only rents cranes for any job, but also provides specific services such as contract rigging. Specializing in the erection, installation, dismantling, modification, repair and relocation of industrial equipment, plants and manufacturing machinery, we assist you in every step to implement a turnkey solution. Capital City Group can develop innovative solutions to the most demanding rigging and transportation challenges. We not only reduce customers’ planning and work, we cut costs and streamline projects. Rigging projects often present the impossible. With our vast inventory of specialized equipment and our skilled workforce, we ensure the project is completed accurately, efficiently and safely so the customer can return to work confidently.

Our professional employees have years of experience dealing with a vast array of rigging methods. We have the experience and knowledge to meet your needs! We are here to help you on your next job. We would gladly sit down with you to discuss budget prices, hard bid requirements, or even time and material projects. Would you like to Get A Quote.

Services include:


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